Description: Research in the laboratory of Molecular Materials is divided into three areas. The first area of research is focused on the synthesis of polyfunctional complexes with curcuminoids ligands having -inter alia- optical, conductive and/or magnetic properties in the same material. The second area of research focuses on the synthesis of new unimolecular or uniionic magnets with branched or dendritic ligands whose magnetic properties are manifested at low temperatures. The third area of research is an interdepartmental project in collaboration with several faculty members and consider the deposit or self-assemble of organic molecules or metal complexes on surfaces, characterizing and studying their properties and possible applications.

- Ultrasonic Bath
- Drying oven
- Rotavapor
- Optical Microscopy
- Vacuum pumps, gases
- Balances and synthesis facilities
- Microwave Reactor

Prof. Mónica Soler, Phone (56-2)978 4293,

Related Research Proyects :
2011-2015: Researcher in charge (PI). FONDECYT Project 1110206. "Synthesis and characterization of polynuclear metal complexes containing dendritic or dendronic ligands as Single-Molecule Magnets."
2012-2016: Co-Researcher (Co-I). FONDECYT Project 1120109. "Single chain magnets derived from new planar Schiff base ligands."
2012-2015: CONICYT Rings ACT1117, Assistant Director. "Interdisciplinary program of nanomaterials and Molecular systems" ACT1117.